Julio L. Peixoto, Ph.D.
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Brief summary:

I am currently a member of the Applied Statistics Group at The Boeing Company. I joined Boeing in January 2, 2001.

I had previously been a Professor of Statistics (at various levels) at the University of Houston (UH) for 18 years.

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Applied Statistics Group at Boeing:

The Applied Statistics Group is devoted to a combination of R&D and consulting in support of aerospace industry needs. Our work ranges through most standard areas of industrial statistics: survey design and analysis, time series and forecasting, probability and stochastic models, statistical quality control, Design of Experiments (DOE), and reliability.

The aerospace industry, rich in diverse and complex problems, has led us to other areas including image processing, spatial statistics, industrial epidemiology, data mining, design and analysis of computer experiments, Bayesian information retrieval, financial modeling, stochastic optimization, and statistical tolerancing.

Projects and Interests:

At Boeing, I have worked on the areas of Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE) and general statistical methods. I have also taught courses in DOE for engineers within The Boeing Company.